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Blackstone Culinaria (February) and Riverboat Explorer (April) reservations are now available at

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Blackstone Valley Running Festival 5K and Half Marathon - April 26. Online Registration

THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride - 2015 tickets now on sale at Whistletix
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National Park Info:

Barry Bayon Commentary in Providence Journal:  More

National Park Service Blackstone Valley National Park info: More

Bob Billington and other locals attend the State of the Union Address:  WJAR TV - Channel 10 | Providence Journal

Cicilline Invites President of the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council as State of the Union Guest  More

Obama signs national park bill into law More | Main Story | Editorial | Press Release | Senator Jack Reed's Website

Rhode Island Tourism 2013:  Powerpoint

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We are a group of nine cities and towns, located along the banks of a great river -- an American Heritage river, in fact -- the Blackstone, the very place where the American industrial Revolution began more than 200 years ago. Over the years, dozens of mills along a 45-mile stretch of this powerful, majestic waterway churned out products for a young nation and, here in northern Rhode Island, we became the heart of a new, industrialized way of life.

We are the sons and daughters of that revolution. It is here that our hard-working ancestors, brave and hopeful, came from around the globe to work in the mills, striving for a better life. Today, we here at the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council work to preserve the rich heritage of those historic times, as we also endeavor to enhance the everyday quality of life for Valley residents in the 21st century.

Come and see what we’ve accomplished. We’ve preserved our mills and we’ve worked to restore the pristine beauty of the Blackstone. We’ve created fairs and festivals, seminars and museums, to tell the Blackstone Valley story anew. And, perhaps in the most amazing development of all, our efforts have brought us close to becoming a full-fledged national park, a proposal now before the Congress.  We’ve come a long way in our first 25 years. But we’re not done yet and we invite you to join us. Perhaps, together, we could start another revolution. 

How are we doing? Don't  Take Our Word for It...

International awards & recognition include...

  • Tourism for Tomorrow Destination Award
  • UN World Tourism Council Ulysses Award
  • North American Travel Personality of the Year
  • UN SBEST Certification of Excellence 
  • North American Travel Personality of the Year - World Travel Awards
  • Tom Roberts Prize for Creative Achievement - RI Council for the Humanities

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